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Sustenance Group EXCLUSIVE: Launching MUSIC FOR GOOD with ReverbNation

Sustenance Group is proud to announce the launch of ReverbNation’s MUSIC FOR GOOD, the world’s first ecommerce platform that allows musicians to sell songs directly to their fans and designate half the proceeds to a charity of their choice.

Sustenance Group partnered with ReverbNation to establish and develop partnerships with charities that represent a wide variety of causes, from clean water and cancer treatment, to injustice, poverty and music education. MUSIC FOR GOOD charitable partners include World Vision, CARE, Oxfam America, charity: water, Heifer International, Love Hope Strength, Half the Sky Movement, Every Mother Counts, Keep a Child Alive, The Fender Music Foundation, Sweet Relief Musicians Fund, Beat Making Lab and Camp Southern Ground.


Three-time Grammy Award winner and multi-platinum musician, Zac Brown, elected to have his charity, Camp Southern Ground, sign on as a launch partner with help from all of the artists on his label. “Southern Ground Artists was created as a place to give talented songwriters a home to make music. I’m proud and honored that they have chosen to use the sales of their music to support my life’s work and help me build Camp Southern Ground,” said Zac Brown, frontman of Zac Brown Band and founder of Southern Ground Artists. “With help from Music for Good we’re going to raise a lot of money to give kids with all abilities a place where they can learn how to overcome obstacles in a positive and healthy environment.” MUSIC FOR GOOD was launched in a limited Beta release just before Christmas, 2012. In just eight weeks, over 50,000 artists from around the world have signed up for MUSIC FOR GOOD — making it one of the fastest growing philanthropic initiatives in music history. “We built the MUSIC FOR GOOD platform to amplify every artist’s impulse to help others,” Jed Carlson, President and co-founder of ReverbNation says. “Through our large and engaged user base and their massive fan reach, we’ve created the potential for real impact – enabling any artist to do good every day.” An industry leader in marketing for independent artists, ReverbNation has built social media multipliers into the technology to help drive engagement for both the charities and the artists involved. The resulting buzz has meant increased web and social media traffic for charities and artists alike. For example, fans and bands have generated tens of thousands of social media posts about MUSIC FOR GOOD since January 1, and The Fender Music Foundation reports that its web traffic has increased over 38 percent.

“MUSIC FOR GOOD is a powerful program that will enable millions of musicians to sell their music while making a real difference in the world,” said Fender Music Foundation Executive Director Moriah Scoble. “We are determined to donate 15,000 instruments to music programs across the country this year. Seeing the response we’ve already received, I believe that ReverbNation artists will be a significant catalyst in our movement.”

About ReverbNation: ReverbNation provides over 2.7 million artists, managers, labels, venues, festivals/events and other music industry professionals with powerful, easy-to-use technology to promote and prosper online. Their wide Their wide array of distribution and promotional solutions provide the hands-on tools and actionable insights that allow them to reach their goals in an increasingly complex music industry. The company operates worldwide with customers on every continent. Over 20 million visitors come to every month.

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