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At Clinton Global Initiative, Michael Gerson and Bill Gates Talk Vaccines, Disease Prevention, Nutri

At the 2015 Clinton Global Initiative Annual Meeting in New York last week, former George W. Bush staffer Michael Gerson interviewed Bill Gates about his philanthropic approach to investing in disease reduction worldwide. The two shared the stage to discuss research and development, US government participation and private sector investment in programmatic and product-based innovations to improve health around the world.

Bill Gates says that improving nutrition is key to making communities self-sufficient in parts of Africa and other continents where food security and malnutrition are problems: "For every kid that dies (from malnutrition), there are four kids who survive but they never develop properly physically and mentally. Even if you invest in their education, they will never be as productive without proper nutrition."

The two also discussed the transition between the Millennium Development Goals and the new Sustainable Development Goals ("Global Goals"), the Global Fund, polio eradication and and maternal mortality.

(UPDATE: video added. play to see full conversation.)

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