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U2 Continues to Bring Awareness to Poverty and AIDS with 'Innocence + Experience Tour'

On stage at Madison Square Garden in July, U2 wore its heart on its sleeve by promoting the causes that are most dear to the band, including eliminating extreme poverty and AIDS.

I wrote about the show for The Economist:

"The theatrics onstage, which are synchronised with the technology, tie the band's political, philanthropic and spiritual endeavours into a symbiotic whole for the first time in its career. Psalms from the Bible fell out of the ceiling like confetti during “Until the End of the World” (1991); the crowd was urged to “sing for the peacemakers in Ferguson, Baltimore and Charleston” after the Martin Luther King Jr. homage, "Pride (In the Name of Love)" (1984); and in revamped lyrics to “Bullet the Blue Sky” (1987), Bono slams capitalism while admitting to cavorting with billionaires at the World Economic Forum. A cartoon clip onscreen chronicled the triumph of global AIDS treatment distribution—an achievement in which Bono’s political lobbying played a role—and afterward, during the main-stage finale of the ballad “One” (1991), the singer curtsies jokingly when the audience sings the line, 'Have you come here to play Jesus?'"

Photo: Sustenance Group

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